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Davisville Medical Clinic has been opened for the past several years with proud owners. It offers various services to its patients and prioritizes patient satisfaction as their number one priority. Doctor's are available 7 days a week. Walk-in and Family Practice services are available for all patients. Our Doctors strive to ensure all their patients are as healthy as they could be. Fortunately, we have a laboratory on-site also opened 7 days a week for the convenience of all patients. We work with Pharmasave and Home Health Care to extend the medical services offered to our patient on-site. Prescriptions are made at a convenient speed along with the option of various medical equipment available for immediate purchase for those patients who require it. We strive to ensure your visit to our clinic is astonishing. 

We believe that health is wealth. That's why your wellbeing is our main priority. Call us now to speak to a licensed doctor.

Our Mission

Our mission at Davisville Medical Clinic is to provide a friendly, professional service through a team of highly skilled and creative medical office administrators. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision at Davisville Medical Clinic is to provide patients with a centre that has it all. A typical visit to the doctor's office that allows them to have all "after steps" completed. From an on-site pharmacy to an on-site laboratory to a fully loaded medical supply centre we have it all. 

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