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Before you book​​

  • New patient appointments for the Family Practice cannot be booked online, please contact the office directly to book your appointment

  • Annual physical check-ups cannot be booked online, must be booked directly with the office

  • Please note that to provide the best possible care, online booking appointments can only book for 1 issue with the doctor per appointment. Multiple issues require separate appointments on different days. 

  • It is highly recommended for existing patients to input their health card number is the space provided as this will automatically detect your file in our system. It would avoid various unnecessary complications.

**If you cannot make your scheduled appointment you must contact the office directly by phone. We do require a minimum of 24hrs notice to cancel or change an appointment**

For Virtual Appointments


Virtual Care has some inherent privacy and security risks that your health information may be intercepted or unintentionally disclosed. We want to make sure you understand this before proceeding. In order to improve privacy and confidentiality, you should also take steps to participate in this virtual care encounter in a private setting and should not use an employer’s or someone else’s computer/device as they may be able to access your information.

All virtual appointments are being made on Skype for video and telephone consultations. Except in special cases. Please make sure to select the type of appointment when booking a consultation. Choose between video and telephone consultation.


For video consultation, download Skype on your device and add "Davisville Medical Clinic" on your contacts list. The doctor will video call you at your scheduled appointment time.

For phone consultation, provide the telephone number that you can be reached at. The doctor will call you at your scheduled appointment time.

If it is determined you require a physical exam you may still need to be assessed in person. You should also understand that virtual care is not a substitute for attending the Emergency Department if urgent care is needed.​

Patients must also be made aware that during technical difficulties with Skype, our physicians might use their personal phones to get in touch with our patients. Within 15-30 minutes of your scheduled appointment time you will receive a call from an "Unknown" number. For the safety and security of our physicians there called id will be turned off. Please be advised for patients who have a filter for unknown numbers we request that you disable this feature for the duration of your appointment so that our physicians are able to get a hold of you. 

If at any time you have any questions or concerns we ask that you contact our clinic at (416) 483-0102


Available Booking Methods:

You can book an appointment via

In Person

1901 Yonge St #4

Toronto, ON M4S 1Y6

Over the Phone

It's easy to book over the phone too.

Tel: (416) 483-0102

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